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Arthur’s Adventure

A pantomime by Peter Webster
Wednesday 26 January 2000 - Saturday 29 January 2000
Faringdon Secondary School, Fernham Road, Faringdon SN7 7LB
Directed by Peter Webster

Performances start 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier. Each performance lasts approximately 2½ hours. Matinées on Saturdays only.
Tickets: £5. Concessions £4.
Tickets were available from Reflections, 8 Marlborough Street, Faringdon.

arthurs-adventure-2000-1The action of the play takes place in the ancient and possibly mythical land of Camelot.

Mrs Tickleme, housekeeper to Sir Jikal-Trusse, sets the scene. The King is dead and a successor must be found. The Knights of the Round Table suggest various ways to settle the succession, but are eventually persuaded by Merlin to hold a tournament to decide who will try to pull the sword from the stone, with whoever succeeds becoming King. Sir Jikal-Trusses’s son, Sir Loin briefs Arthur his squire, as to all the equipment he needs for the tournament and sends Arthur to fetch it, with the final instruction not to forget a thing. Of course, Arthur forgets something crucial – Sir loin’s sword; seeing one seemingly abandoned in the stone, he takes it and brings it to Sir loin, who realising it is not his, asks Arthur where he found it.

To read more or purchase the script visit the PetePanto.co.uk website.

The brand new FDS website went online for the first time with this production.

Arthurs Adventure 2000 04

Jo Webster

Arthurs Adventure 2000 03

Jo Webster; Simon Wisbey

Arthurs Adventure 2000 01

The cast of principals

Arthurs Adventure 2000 02

Carolyn Taylor; Ashley Bates

arthurs-adventure-2000-3 arthurs-adventure-2000-2

Photographs by kind permission of Ian Smith (founder of the ‘Faringdon Folly’ newspaper)

5 shows were performed over 4 days.