Arthur's Adventure star

(or Merlin to the Rescue)

A pantomime by Peter Webster
28/29th Jan & 3/4th Feb 2017 *
Faringdon Junior School, Oxfordshire
Director: Peter Webster

Matinées 2:30pm Evenings 7:30pm.
Doors open 30 minutes earlier.
Each performance lasts approximately 2h30m.
Tickets: Adult £8. Child (under 16) £6. No concessions.
Tickets will be available here online or from ‘Hare in The Woods‘, 7a Market Place, Faringdon.

* This is a revamped pantomime written by one of our members Peter Webster and last performed in the year 2000. As for last year, there will be three matinée performances – Sat 28th Jan, Sun 29th Jan, and Sat 4th Feb and three evening performances – Sat 28th Jan, Fri 3rd and Sat 4th Feb.

arthurs-adventure-2017-odn-panto-certificatestar1st place in the Oxfordshire Drama Network (ODN) Pantomime Competition 2017 for the 6th time. That’s four wins and one 2nd place in the last five years.

+ Read a  “Commendation from Faringdon Town Council”

The action of the play takes place in the ancient and possibly mythical land of Camelot. Mrs Tickleme, housekeeper to Sir Jikal-Trusse, sets the scene. The King is dead and a successor must be found. The Knights of the Round Table suggest various ways to settle the succession, but are eventually persuaded by Merlin to hold a tournament to decide who will try to pull the sword from the stone, with whoever succeeds becoming King. Sir Jikal-Trusses’s son, Sir Loin briefs Arthur his squire, as to all the equipment he needs for the tournament and sends Arthur to fetch it, with the final instruction not to forget a thing. Of course, Arthur forgets something crucial – Sir Loin’s sword; seeing one seemingly abandoned in the stone, he takes it and brings it to Sir Loin, who realising it is not his, asks Arthur where he found it.

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Arthur's Adventure


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Sally Thurston - Town Clerk, Faringdon Town Council

Rating: stars-x5

"Another hugely successful pantomime"

I have been asked to write, on behalf Faringdon Town Council, to thank you and the other members of Faringdon Dramatic Society for staging another hugely successful pantomime, 'Arthur's Adventure'.

Always a highlight of the Faringdon calendar, the annual pantomime provides entertainment for local residents and visitors alike. Moreover, it is an important community event, which allows all age groups the opportunity to perform in a highly professional production.

The dedication, commitment, and sheer hard work of all those taking part, whether on the stage or behind the scenes, is very much appreciated.

Please pass on the Town Council's thanks to all those involved. [Original letter]

Nesh Jonas from Faringdon

Rating: stars-x5


This is my very first panto in Faringdon and also the first in a very long time since I was a child, I came with my beaver group on the Saturday afternoon performance and loved every second of it, we was lucky to also have photos with some of the characters. I loved it that much that I also came with my friends child on the Sunday performance and he loved it as much as I did. I am hoping to go back on Sunday once again lol and hopefully come to more of them. The staff n crew have worked so hard on this with the costumes n sets n the acting was fantastic. It was also nice that they got children n stage to join in n also rewards them, even children who didn't go on got to have a sweet too. Thank you so much for a fantastic show.

Derek Hutchings from Swindon

Rating: stars-x5

"I really enjoyed the show"

I really enjoyed the show, best I've seen in a long time. The acting was very good. I can see a lot of work went into making the costumes. Looking forward to seeing the next show.

Fiona M from Clanfield

Rating: stars-x5

"Local talent on my doorstep"

This is the second year running I have watched a Faringdon Dramatics panto, and I have enjoyed them both. The story lines were fresh and funny, the costumes brilliant, the wide age range of performers encouraging. The sets impressive, great special effects and the musical accompaniment enhanced the performance. Lots of effort is obviously put into the productions on stage and off and it shows.

The main downside for me (being deaf) is that some actors project their voices better than others (I'm sure confidence plays a part). I saw Arthurs Adventures twice, a matinee and an evening performance and during the matinee on the first weekend, despite being close to the stage I really struggled to hear some actors. I think that by the second weekend, extra mics? helped. I also felt the first half was quite long, I was especially aware of that when accompanied by my three grandchildren. I invited a large group of friends for the final evening and had very good feedback from them all, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done all, your success is thoroughly deserved.

Lisa Howe from Faringdon

Rating: stars-x5

"Always a fantastic show, thank you"

We come every year and are never disappointed. Some amazing talent which is a pleasure to watch. Always have a bit if fun which is fab. Thank you for all of your efforts. You are a truly talented bunch.

HH from Abingdon

Rating: stars-x5


The panto over all was fun, the first half was a bit long for smaller children. The cast was great as were the costumes. My little grandson keeps shouting tickle me tickle me. A good day had by all.

Amelia from Faringdon

Rating: stars-x4

"Fun filled and thoroughly enjoyable"

The performance was really enjoyable and the time of each half was just right. I didn't notice the time taken as I was enjoying the performance so much. As I was sitting at the front I could hear all the lines however some parts were quieter than others so not sure if people at the back would have heard as clearly. The acting was of a high standard and the set, costumes and props really enhanced the performance. I found the singing and music really made the pantomime as I really enjoyed all of it and enjoyed singing along. Thank you for putting on another fabulous show.

Mary from Faringdon

Rating: stars-x5

"Great entertainment for all the family!"

The whole family enjoyed this production. Can't fault anything really, it's lovely that we have this standard of entertainment to enjoy - this is our second visit, we saw last years panto too. Thought the venue was ideal, it was well run and had a great visit. Clearly the production is very well thought out, it ran smoothly, the cast were brill and best of all it was hilarious!