Babes in the Wood

A pantomime by Verne Morgan
Wednesday 1 February 1984 - Saturday 4 February 1984
Faringdon Community Theatre, The Pump House, 5 Market Place, Faringdon
Directed by Michael Barron
Produced by Mildred Carter

Performances start 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier. Matinée on Saturday only.
Tickets were available from F. B. Wood (Newsagents), 4a London Street, Faringdon.

The story tells of two small children left in the care of an uncle and aunt after their parents’ death. The uncle gives the children to ruffians to be killed, in order to acquire their inheritance, telling his wife they are being sent to London for their upbringing. The murderers fall out and the “milder” of the two kills the other. He tells the children he will return with provisions, but they do not see him again. The children, wandering alone in the woods, die, and are covered by leaves by the birds. Like many morality tales, the story continues with a description of the retribution befalling the uncle.

‘Babes in The Wood’ was put on by the Community Centre and wasn’t an official FDS production but members were all in it. It was the very first pantomime performed in Faringdon and the first production with a Saturday matinĂ©e.


5 shows were performed over 4 days.