A comedy by John Godber & Jane Thornton
June/July 2019
Directed by Debbie Lock

To be performed at the ODN Festival at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon on 5th June, the Wallingford Festival on 14th June, and the Follyfest on 14th July in the afternoon.

“Shakers” is a one-act play set in a trendy cocktail/wine bar in the North of England during Maggie Thatcher’s yuppie 80’s. The characters being four cocktail waitresses; however with each passing scene the actors are also called upon to play the many and varied clientele. The play is a sequence of quick-fire humour interspersed with really quite serious monologues, which starts off very light hearted.

Shakers Cocktail Bar is THE place to be! After work, before a club, to meet the blokes, to pick up the girls, to drink to celebrate or drown your sorrows, for birthdays and parties and romance and sin, this is the place to be seen. In ‘Shakers’ the four young waitresses reveal the lives of its staff and customers and offer an insight into their hopes, dreams and disappointments. John Godber’s sparkling writing builds on the success of his earlier ‘Bouncers’ to create a richly absorbing yet tellingly revealing modern comedy.

(Last performed in 2004: archives/shakers-2004)