So Long Leonard

 A show written by Carolyn Taylor
3:00pm Sunday 30th July 2017 at The Pump House Project, Swan Lane, Faringdon and 8:00pm Saturday 9th September at The Trout Inn, Lechlade.
Director: Carolyn Taylor

so-long-leonard-2017Admission free but a collection at the end for IMPS and Macaroni Woods Children’s Venture.

Our own Carolyn Taylor has written this show for the Folly Fest. The Folly Fest is an annual event in Faringdon taking place this year on the 28-30th July. The show is a homage to the late Leonard Cohen in the form of a fan letter in songs, dance and words.

The performers, all present and past members of the society, are Carolyn Taylor, Amanda Linstead, Debbie & Richard Lock, Martin Waymark, Dominic Bullock, and Caitlin Nicholls, with technical support from Gary Bates.

so-long-leonard-2017-carolyn so-long-leonard-2017-amanda-debbie



So Long Leonard


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