See How They Run

A farce by Philip King
Performed 6-9th April 1954
at The Little Theatre, Station Road.
Produced by Peter Lilley

The action of the play takes place in the hall at the vicarage, Merton-cum-Middlewick. The Rev. Lionel Toop's wife, Penelope, is an ex-actress. While Lionel is away Clive, an actor, calls. He invites Penelope to dine in town which is out of bounds to servicemen. He dresses in Lionel's blacks. Miss Skillon, a parishioner, sees the couple repeating one of their theatrical scenes and draws the wrong conclusion. Matters become highly complicated when Lionel arrives, followed by the Bishop of Lax and a German POW disguised as a vicar!

The Little Theatre FaringdonThis was the second production in The Little Theatre, which opened four months earlier with "The Late Christopher Bean" in December 1953. The programme for this production cost three old pence or thrupence, 3d (about 1.25p in today's currency). The Little Theatre was unfortunately demolished in 1972 to make way for a new housing estate - Marines Drive and Town End Road.

Note: The FDS Archive lists the titles of all plays produced since the very first one in April 1949. This play performed in 1954 is the earliest for which we have any details. For the next we have to jump forward 24 years to Post Horn Gallop performed in October 1978. It was the first production in the new theatre and community centre that was created in the old Pump House.

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