Post Horn Gallop

A farce by Derek Benfield
Performed in October 1978
Faringdon Community Centre
Produced by Evelyn Stoodley

Here is the long-awaited follow-up to the record-breaking 'Wild Goose Chase', which is known for having wrought havoc in terms of split sides from Land's End to John o'Groats and from Maine to Albuquerque.

In the ancestral home the nerve-shattered Chester is again menaced at every turn by his old enemies Capone and Wedgwood. In the ancestral flowerbeds Lord Elrood lurks with his shotgun, ready to repel attacks by the butcher's boy, the postman, and other desperate characters. Through the ancestral living-room wander Maggie and Bert, come for two-and-sixpence-worth of gawp and suitably awestruck by the goings-on of the country house set, or, to put it another way, inmates.

The plot is somehow concerned with missing pictures, but who cares? What the audience wants is laughs, and 'Post Horn Gallop' has plenty and to spare.

This was the first production in the new theatre and community centre that was created in the old Pump House. The programme for this production cost ten new pence (10p).

Note: The FDS Archive lists the titles of all plays produced since the very first one in April 1949 but most of our records are from 1984 with a few omissions up to the present day. The next play for which I have been given a programme requires a jump back nearly 30 years to April 1954 - See How They Run or a jump forward a year to November 1983 - Fool's Paradise.


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