Fool's Paradise

A drama by Peter Coke
Performed in November 1983
Faringdon Community Centre
Produced by Evelyn Stoodley

The action of the play passes in the drawing room of the Hayling's house in Westminster. Period - the 1950's when £sd meant something.

Although surrounded by valuable antiques, Jane and Catherine live in debt, for the late husband of both ladies, Basil Hayling left house and property to them, stipulating that they were both to live there but could not sell any of it. Basil's sister has just left a spray of emeralds in her will. If they prove valuable, all their debts can be paid. Unfortunately, Jane giddily accepts deposits on the emeralds from too many people and can only hold them at bay by inventing a third owner for them - a Senhora Conchita Elvas - whom she then impersonates. As debts and troubles increase, she even accepts a deposit on Catherine's son, rashly promising his hand in marriage to glamorous and enamoured Fiona Renshaw. They all spend some merry moments solving this almost inextricable tangle.

Note: The FDS Archive lists the titles of all plays produced since the very first one in April 1949 but most of our records are from 1984 with a few omissions up to the present day. The next play for which I have been given a programme requires a jump back 5 years to October 1978 - Post Horn Gallop or a jump forward a year to November 1984 - Murder in Company.


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