A pantomime by David Wood
Performed in Jan/Feb 1990
Faringdon Community Centre
Directed by Carolyn Taylor

The story of Aladdin is faithfully told, with comedy scenes carefully and logically interpolated into the action.

Zadia, a spirited princess and Aladdin himself are written as childhood friends (the romantic side of their relationship is played down). The storyline involves a monkey and a baby dragon, both of which appeal to the younger members of the audience. Novel touches include the method by which Abanazar obtains the lamp; it takes him ten years to do this, by which time Aladdin and his wife have had a son, who plays a small but crucial part of the action. As a neat twist, the Genie of the Lamp proves to be the long lost uncle of the Genie of the Ring.


Ieuan Thomas Mike Durham   Louise Collins Helen Barter


Nick Hobden Mike Durham Helen Barter Richard King Melanie Stallard

Photographs by kind permission of Helen Barter

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