Blood Brothers

A play by Willy Russell
Performed in May 1997 at the Faringdon Corn Exchange
Directed by Kate Lord

The play is based in Liverpool, a city suffering the economic downturn of the time. It follows the lives of Mickey and Eddie, twins separated at birth when one is given up by their mother to her wealthy neighbour, with the promise of a better life. The action takes place over the first twenty-plus years of their lives. Growing up on different ends of the social spectrum, the boys spark up a friendship, becoming “blood brothers” after discovering their shared date of birth. Tragedy, however, unfolds, and it did so in a masterly fashion in this production.

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Simon Wisbey Carole Tappenden Jo Webster  Paul Garratt

Peter Webster Jo Webster

Photographs by kind permission of 'The Faringdon Folly'

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