Visiting Hour

Four short plays by Richard Harris
Performed in November 1995 at the Faringdon Corn Exchange
Producer: Helen Barter

Four (of six) interlinked plays (Keeping Mum, Magic, Plaster, Show Business) set in a National Health hospital during visiting hour. Alternately funny and sad - with elements of tragedy and comedy in each.


Directed by Helen Barter

Eric, hospitalized following a car accident, is visited with hilarious results by his canny wife!

Visiting Hour

Kate Lord  Alistair Warner

Show Business

Directed by Dave Headey

This play follows the satirical vagaries of a TV crew filming a documentary on the world's first quadruple transplant - until they discover they are pipped at the post by a transplant operation in another hospital!

Visiting Hour

Duncan Graham   Roger Leitch   Carole Tappenden   Jeni Summerfield

Keeping Mum

Directed by Helen Barter

A poignant monologue that sees Pauline sitting at the bedside of her dying mother. As she mulls over her own churning emotions she realizes a love that, it eventually transpires, is now too late to communicate.

Visiting Hour

Irene Schoonenberg  Caroline Taylor


Directed by Debbie Lock

Brenda, a timid spinster awaiting a hysterectomy, suffers a visit from a crass work colleague and her appalling husband who performs very bad jokes and conjuring tricks.

Photographs by kind permission of 'The Faringdon Folly'

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