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Hell and High Water

A one act play by Leonard Morley
November 2000 at the Highworth Recreation Centre
and again at the Eagle, Faringdon for the drama group's annual dinner.
Directed by John Williams

The action of the play is set in the dining room of Sir Charles Summerville's house during dinner. No Summerville has ever missed dinner in seventeen generations, and Lord Charles is determined that a simple burst water-pipe will not prevail now. As the water-level rises, the family remain stoic, except for a visiting lounge lizard. As they are all marooned on the table and panic rises, the day is saved by Beacham, Lord Charles' indomitable butler.

Hell and High Water

Dave Headey Paul Mountford-Lister John Taylor Aga Lintern Joan Lee

Hell and High Water

Paul Mountford-Lister Aga Lintern Allyn Richardson

Hell and High Water

John Taylor Dave Headey Paul Mountford-Lister Aga Lintern

Hell and High Water

Aga Lintern Allyn Richardson Ken Brown Joan Lee

Photographs provided by Allyn Richardson

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