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Idle Chatter

Four one-act plays: Albert by Richard Harris
Shoppers, Cupboard Love, Theatrical Digs by Jean McConnell
19th-21st May 2005
at Faringdon Junior School
Directed by Jeni Summerfield and Debbie Lock

'Albert' awarded Wallingford Drama Festival 'Best Play of the Year'.

The production consists of four hilarious one-act comedies - with a twist. Three - ‘Shoppers’, ‘Cupboard Love’ and ‘Theatrical Digs’ - are from a series of plays called ‘Deckchairs’ by Jean McConnell. Each play is a conversation on an individual theme between two different women, and all take place on a seaside esplanade. The fourth play, ‘Albert’, is a farce by Richard Harris. In it two men and a woman, none of whom speaks or understands each other’s language, do their best to communicate with each other, resulting in much hysterical confusion!

Idle Chatter Cupboard Love
Karen Whiffen
Sarah Varnom
Idle Chatter Shoppers
Carolyn Taylor
Lois Wells
Idle Chatter Theatrical Digs
Joan Lee
Sandra Keen
Idle Chatter Albert
Mary Mountford-Lister
Daniel Lander
Adrian Wells

Photographs by Joan Lee

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