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We are always pleased to welcome new members. As well as acting and directing there are always opportunities to help with set building, front of house, and much more. No experience is necessary. Just come along to any reading or audition published on this website and introduce yourself. Whether you want to be in a play or just help back stage or front of house you will always be made welcome. What has FDS ever done for us? As a member of Faringdon Dramatic Society you can … .read more … FDS-MembershipBenefits.pdf

Any person wishing to take part in a production, whether on stage or off, will be asked to become a member of the society and contribute to the running costs* by paying either an annual or a single production fee. This fee also covers the cost of insurance, which is essential for any member of the cast or production crew. The annual membership renewal becomes due at the AGM held each year in May.

We have provided a number of ways for you to pay:

  1. Download and fill in our FDS-MembershipForm.pdf and bring it with you to the AGM, together with your cash or cheque (payable to Faringdon Dramatic Society).
  2. Fill in the Online Membership Form below then log in separately to your own bank and make a one-off direct payment to Lloyds TSB using the details that already have been or will be provided on request. Or if you prefer, our regular members might like to set up an annual standing order payment dated for the 1st May each year. There are no bank charges for paying by this method. This is the preferred method if you miss paying at the AGM.
  3. Fill in the Online Membership Form below then pay immediately online via PayPal or your debit/credit card using the links provided. Please note that we lose money in bank charges (£1.05-1.56) if you pay by this method.

Online Membership Form

For family membership please submit a separate form for each member (but only pay once).

1. Your Personal Details: (* required information)

Full Name: *

Address: *

Village/Town: *

Post Code: *

Email: *

Telephone: *


Current member? Yes No (if yes please go to next section)

Comment – previous experience, reason for joining: (for interest only – not essential)

2. Please indicate the areas in which you would like to participate:

Acting Producing Directing Props
Stage Management Set Design Set Building Other
Lighting Prompting Sound  
Choreography Make Up Wardrobe  
Music Front of House Publicity  

3. Qualifications:

Do you have a current CRB Check Certificate? Yes No
Do you have a current First Aid Certificate? Yes No
Anything else you think might be useful?

3. Qualifications:

Do you have a current CRB Check Certificate? Yes No
Do you have a current First Aid Certificate? Yes No
Anything else you think might be useful?

4. Security Declaration – Your details will not be revealed to any third party, other than members of the society (if you signify your permission below)

I agree that the above details may be given to other members of the society:Yes No

I agree not to provide third parties with such information about other members: Yes No
I agree that photographs of me may be published on our website or other media: Yes No

5. Please select one of the membership options below:

Annual membership fee (individual): £25
Annual membership fee (family): £40
Full membership (single production including panto) £15
(Annual membership to then be paid at the next AGM)
Child membership (for pantomime) £10

6. Please indicate how you intend to pay the membership fee:

Immediate online payment by PayPal (preferred):
Immediate online payment by Credit/Debit Card:
Immediate online payment by Direct Bank Transfer:
Cheque (payable to Faringdon Dramatic Society at the AGM):
Cash (to deliver personally at the AGM):

7. Please copy the text exactly as shown in the picture below:


On clicking the SUBMIT button you will be taken to the Online Payment page, which you may exit if either paying by other methods, simply updating your details or submitting details for another family member.

* Faringdon Dramatic Society FDS is an amateur theatre group and a non-profit organisation. All money received from membership fees, ticket and bar sales, and the occasional donation is used to cover the running costs of our productions. The greatest expenditure is for venue hire for both rehearsals and performances, copyright licensing, and insurance. Other expenses include staging, lighting, costumes, and props.