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Act Naturally

A comedy by Giles Scott
Thursday 9 November 2023 - Saturday 11 November 2023
The Elms Primary School (was Faringdon Junior School),
The Elms, Gloucester Street, Faringdon SN7 7HZ
Directed by Lu Waywell
Producer: Jacob Bayliss & Carolyn Taylor

Performances start 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier.
Tickets: £12. No concessions. Add 5% online booking fee. A free programme is included. Tickets were available from our Online Box Office.
A selection of drinks and snacks will be available for purchase at the bar.

Act Naturally 2023 Advert“Act Naturally” is a very funny comedy in two parts. Or is it two comedies? Act One is a chaotic committee meeting of the village’s Historical Sites Preservation Society who urgently need to raise funds. The committee decide to write and stage a play. “It will be fun”, they agree. And “how hard can it be?”. Act Two is their play: “A Shot in the Park”.

Act Naturally 2023 01The cast comprises three men and four women of varying ages. The format is a play within a play. The setting is the village community hall, just one set.

  • Judith – Honorary Secretary – 25-40, pedantic and slightly neurotic, wants to prove herself within the committee.
  • Lionel – Honorary Treasurer, Megan’s husband – 40-55, control freak, probably manager of a fantasy sports team, a tad misogynistic, high energy and erratic.
  • Mildred – Honorary life president, ‘Really old’, crass, heavy smoker, less than no opinion of what others think of her, could be suitably played by Miriam Margolyes.
  • Rupert – Honorary Chairman – 60-75, upper-class, old money, battling Lionel to be ‘in charge’.
  • Bea – Committee member, 35-55, total hippy, think Avebury at Summer Solstice, on board with anything.
  • Megan – Daniel’s wife, aged 35-55, not on the committee, soothing presence within the group, only ‘normal’ one, diplomatic and somehow manages to stay calm.
  • Ted – a police constable, 18-25, inexperienced and naive, never quite knows when to stop talking, eager to prove himself.

Note from the author Giles Scott, who lives in South Africa – “Hi. This is the only one of my plays, and musicals, I have never seen on stage, so I have taken a closer interest in distant productions of it than of my other plays. I hope your rehearsals are going well. I wish I could be there to see one of the performances. I would be delighted to receive any publicity photos, etc. when you have them and if you make a video of the show I would love to see it”.

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Photographs by Anna Marlow

Cast (in order of appearance):

Judith - Jayne Hoyland
Lionel - Richard Lock
Mildred - Joan Lee
Rupert - Dave Headey
Bea - Debbie Lock
Megan - Sarah Couzens
Ted - Byron Pound

See programme for further details.

Production No.204 (3 shows were performed over 3 days)