Membership Form

Membership Fees

Any person wishing to take part in a production, whether on stage or off, will be asked to become a member of the society and contribute to the running costs by paying an annual fee. This fee also covers the cost of insurance, which is essential for any member of the cast or production crew. The cost of full annual membership is £20.00 per adult. Your own children under the age of 18 will be included with your adult membership, free of charge. Please complete a separate form for each adult and each child who will or may take part in any of our productions (but only pay once).

The annual membership renewal becomes due at the AGM held each year in May. There are two ways you can pay:

  1. Pay immediately here online via the secure PayPal platform. You may use either a PayPal account (if you have one) or your debit/credit card. This is the preferred method for new members.
  2. A one-off direct payment from your bank using the details that already have been or will be provided on request. These details will then remain on your account for next time. This is the preferred method for current members as there is no transaction charge to the society but it is NOT available for membership in order to take part in the pantomime.

Online Membership Form

If you are a current member and have no changes to make to your details or you have already sent the form and wish to pay online you can go straight to our:

Please complete a separate form for each adult and each child who will or may take part in any of our productions (but only pay once).

    1. Your personal details:

    Please note that if you enter a address they are unreliable and you may not always receive our mail.

    Age Range:

    Are you a current member:

    2. Please indicate the areas in which you would like to participate (no commitment):

    . Acting

    . Producing

    . Directing

    . Stage Management

    . Set Design

    . Set Building

    . Lighting

    . Prompting

    . Sound

    . Choreography

    . Make Up

    . Wardrobe

    . Music

    . Front of House

    . Publicity

    . Props

    . Play Writing


    3. Qualifications (none required but useful to know):

    Do you have a current DBS Check Certificate?

    Do you have a current First Aid Certificate?

    4. Terms and Conditions:

    Your details will not intentionally be revealed to any third party outside of the society. As a member of the society we ask you to agree to all the conditions listed below. For further details please read our FDS Privacy Policy.

    • I agree that the above details may be stored on a database and may continue to be stored until I request otherwise.

    • I agree to my name and email address being included on a mailing list to be used by the society when considered appropriate.

    • I agree that the above details may be given where appropriate and necessary to other members of the society for society use.

    • If provided with such details I agree not to provide third parties with such information about other members.

    • I agree that photographs taken and relevant information that I may provide at any time may be published with discretion on our website or other media.

    • I understand that I am covered by personal injury insurance while involved in activities for the society (only while under age 80).


    5. Please indicate how you intend to pay the membership fee: payment card logos

    6. Please copy the security code exactly as shown below:

    On clicking the SUBMIT button you will be taken to our secure online payment page, which you may exit if either paying by other methods, simply updating your details or submitting details for another family member.

    Faringdon Dramatic Society FDS is an amateur theatre group and a non-profit organisation. All money received from membership fees, ticket and bar sales, and the occasional donation is used to cover the running costs of our productions. The greatest expenditure is for venue hire for both rehearsals and performances, copyright licensing, and insurance. Other expenses include staging, lighting, costumes, and props.