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logoThis site gives access to our society newsletters, policy documents, job profiles and advice, and all other documents produced by the society for the benefit of our members.

To access this site you will need to submit a password – clue: the name of the award given to every member at the Christmas Dinner.

(You may receive a warning that it is an “unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party”. Submit anyway as we try to ensure that the membership area does not contain any personal information that is not readily available elsewhere.)

If you are a member of the society and don’t yet have login details then please do contact us below and you will then be able to enjoy all the content in the members’ area.

If you are not a member of the society, sorry but at the moment these pages are not for you. However if you would like to join or find out more about our society please do contact us via the contact page and we look forward to hearing from you.