A pantomime by David Wood
Thursday 16 February 1989 - Saturday 18 February 1989
& Thursday 23 February 1989 - Saturday 25 February 1989
Faringdon Community Theatre, The Pump House, 5 Market Place, Faringdon
Directed by Carolyn Taylor
Producer: Mike Durham
Musical Director: Julian Elloway

Performances start 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier. Matinée on Saturday only.
Tickets were available from Moynes (ironmongers), 10 Marlborough Street, Faringdon.

David Wood’s CINDERELLA follows the story closely, though the characters differ from many versions. Cinderella is much more sparky than the usual down-trodden waif; the prince is glum and gawky until he meets Cinderella, who, not knowing who he is, tries to teach him the latest dance craze. The Fairy Godmother is a practical, down-to-earth woman with magic powers, and Cinderella’s best friends are two mice, who are eventually turned into the horses pulling Cinderella’s coach to the Ball.


Sophie Webster


Joan Lee; Ruth Willett


Brenda Keith-Walker; Carole Tappenden


Dave Headey

Cast (in order of appearance):

Cinderella - Sophie Webster
Prince Charming - Sarah Woodyer
Baron Hardy - Dave Headey
Bella - Carole Tappenden
Donna - Brenda Keith-Walker
Queen - Helen Barter
King - Mike Durham
Fairy Godmother - Jo Webster
William - Lorraine France
Jester - Jo Needler
Hairdresser - Joan Lee
Beautician - Ruth Willett
Horse - Andrew Barlow; Richard Stallard
Mouse - Melanie Stallard; Marc-Daniel Youngs
Mime Artists - Jo Latimer; Becky Ilott; Tricia Harbour; Jemima Headey
Stall-holder - Emma Warna
Tumblers - Alira Warner; Louise Collins; Carron Freeman
Chorus Musicians - Susan Gaught; Vanessa King; Richard King
Chorus - Katy Harbour; Clare Winter; Jessica Anderson; Emma Cornwell; Francesca Taylor; Timothy Cady; Gareth Taylor; Michelle Youngs
Orchestra - Julian Elloway; Richard Lock; Simon Dillon

See programme for further details.

Production No.98 (8 shows were performed over 6 days).