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Happily Ever After…? star

A pantomime by Helen Thrower & Verity Roberts
Saturday 30 January 2016 - Sunday 31 January 2016
& Friday 5 February 2016 - Saturday 6 February 2016
Faringdon Junior School, 26 Gloucester Street, Faringdon SN7 7HY
Directed by Helen Thrower
Producer: Ceri Baker & Debbie Lock
Musical Director: Debra Warner

Performances start 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier. Each performance lasts approximately 2½ hours. Matinées on Saturdays and Sunday only.
Tickets: Adult £8. Child (under 16) £6. No concessions. Tickets were available from our Online Box Office and Hare in The Woods, 7a Market Place, Faringdon.

happily-ever-after-2016-odn-panto-certificate star1st place in the Oxfordshire Drama Network (ODN) Pantomime Competition 2016

This is a brand new pantomime written jointly by two members of the society and for the first time there will be three matinée performances – Sat 30th Jan, Sun 31st Jan & Sat 6th Feb and three evening performances – Sat 30th Jan, Fri 5th and Sat 6th Feb.


…and Cinderella and Prince Charming were married and lived happily ever after. Or did they…?

What would happen to those old tales that we know so well if the endings were changed? Chaos ensues when a wicked old witch and her gang of fairytale baddies have finally had enough of losing to the good guys and decide to steal the Great Storybook; the magical book that holds the key to all the ‘Happily Ever Afters’ there have ever been.

When the Wicked Witch begins kidnapping fairytale characters it is up to Cinderella and her loyal friends to try and sort out the pandemonium, with a little help from her Fairy Godmother. Will Cinderella find her Prince Charming? Will Dame Trott ever see her darling Three Little Piggies ever again? And what has happened to the contents of Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard? Find out in this mixed up tale of magical mayhem!

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Cast (in order of appearance):

Prologue: Mother - Emma Riddle
Child - Tiffany Jakovljevevich
“The Goodies”: Cinderella - Ellie Hickman
Prince Charming - Jayne Hoyland
Dame Trott - Duncan Sinclair
Madge - Joan Lee
Red Riding Hood - Kia Howard
Sneak (a rat) - Dominic Allum
Squeak (a rat) - Leo Thrower
Big Bad Wolf - Peter Webster
Handsome Prince - Abby Benson
Fairy Godmother - Carolyn Taylor
Genie of the Lamp - Dave Headey
Daddy Bear - Roddy Benson
Mummy Bear - Katrina Naruszewicz
Baby Bear - Tiffany Jakovljevevich
“The Baddies”: The Wicked Witch - Jeni Summerfield
The Evil Queen - Katie Dyet
Citronella - Andrea Smith
Petronella - Bex Hutchings
Pied Piper - Amanda Linstead
Ogre - John Coffin
Goldilocks - Charlotte Allum
Buttons - Matthew Warner
Rose Red - Imogen Hunt
Magic Mirror - Debbie Lock
Fairy apprentices: Poppy - Ebony McIntyre; Imogen Hunt
Buttercup - Caitlin Nicholls
Rose - Amelie Denham
Lilac - Daisy Gee
Bluebell - Emma Smith
Nettle - Poppy Mawdsley
Mrs Butcher - Helen Tate
Mrs Baker - Julie Biggs
Mrs Candlestick-Maker - Sarah Smith
Mrs Cook - Emma Riddle
Mrs Flowers the Florist - Fiona Merrick
Little Miss Muffet - Katie Goodwin
Miss Polly - Loren Nicholls
Miss Mary - Kayleigh Booth
Little Bo Peep - Naomi Dunn
Snow White - Neave Caul
Old Mother Hubbard - Carol Tappenden
Jack - Charlie Broughton
Hansel - Kitty Marlow
Gretel - Henry Marlow
Mini Genies - Charlie Broughton; Millie Long; Jonathan Ludlow; Devon Sansom
Three Little Pigs - Finlay Brand; Jake Nicholls; Sam Tate
Dwarves - Charlie Broughton; Jonathan Ludlow
Rats - Isabelle Dawson; Alicia Howard; Tiffany Jakovljevevich; Millie Long; Jonathan Ludlow; Kitty Marlow; Henry Marlow; Devon Sansom
Orchestra: drums - Torin Brown
flute - Emma Butcher
guitar - Richard Lock
piano - Debra Warner
bass guitar - Martin Waymark

See programme for further details.

Production No.182 (6 shows were performed over 4 days)