I’ll Get My Man

A comedy by Philip King
May 1970
The Little Theatre, Old Royal Marines Camp, Butts Close, Faringdon
Directed by Duncan Mclntosh

Peter Graham, T.V. series hero, seeks refuge at the country rectory with his mild clerical Uncle Humphrey from all the females who continually chase after him, and in particular from Pixie Potter. Humphrey, horrified by the threatened loss of his housekeeper who has been dismissed by his formidable sister, advertises for a wife but absent-mindedly omits the important word “marriage.” These two occurrences resoundingly shatter the peace of the village. Answers to the ad pour in. The arrival of the dignified Bishop of Lax adds to the confusion. Peter finds the vicarage no refuge from Pixie Potter and even more hectic than the outside world.

Pam Ayres 1971Writer, broadcaster, entertainer and irreverent poet Pam Ayres was once a member of the Society and took part in this production. She continued to be a patron of the Society for many years and her photograph was hung in the foyer of the theatre.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Rev Arthur Humphrey - George Young
Mrs Carter - Peggy Stocks
Harriette Humphrey - Kathleen Hill
Winifred Barrington-Locke - Evelyn Stoodley
Peter Graham - Norman Pickles
A Photographer - Stephen Poppleton
Josephine De Brissac - Pam Ayres
Pixie Potter - Brenda Poppleton
The Bishop of Lax - Ted Tolman

Production No.59 (number of shows performed unknown)