FDS - The Scarlet Pumpernickel poster

The Scarlet Pumpernickel star

A pantomime by Dave Buchanan
Friday 24 January 2014 - Saturday 25 January 2014
& Friday 31 January 2014 - Saturday 1 February 2014
Faringdon Junior School, 26 Gloucester Street, Faringdon SN7 7HY
Directed by Helen Thrower
Producer: Carolyn Taylor
Musical Director: Debra Warner

Performances start 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier. Each performance lasts approximately 2½ hours. MatinĂ©es on Saturdays only.
Tickets: Adult £8. Child (under 16) £6. No concessions. Tickets were available from our Online Box Office and The Nut Tree, 2 Cornmarket, Faringdon.



star2nd place in the Oxfordshire Drama Network (ODN) Pantomime Competition 2014

starNominated for the “1t’s Behind You” Best Pantomime Award – National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) award for London and the South East Region




Period: France, 1793. A hilarious script set against the background of the French Revolution. The villagers of Saucisson-Sur-Mer are shocked when Citizen Chauvelin threatens to ban their beloved pastime of boules unless they turn over the Scarlet Pumpernickel.

When Chauvelin arrests heroine Simone de Boudoir, hero Percy Breakneck plus the Three Fops, Dame Mimi Blancmange and Mayor Gaston Legroom devise a cunning rescue plan. The Chateau where Simone is held is (allegedly) haunted, and the scene is set for a denouement of thrills and comic horror.

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Photographs by Paul Mountford-Lister

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Cast (in order of appearance):

Percy Breakneck - Laura Coleman
Simone de Boudoir - Yvonne Kelly
Citizen Chauvelin - Adrian Wells
Chevrolet (Chauvelin's henchman) - Matthew Warner
Michelin (Chauvelin's henchman) - Charlotte Allum
Gaston Legroom (the Mayor) - Duncan Sinclair
Mimi Blancmange (a cafe owner) - Verity Roberts
Alphie (Gaston's nephew) - Seb Allum
Fifi (Mimi's poodle) - Imogen Hunt
Colette (a waitress) - Ellie Hickman
Charlie (fop) - Jayne Hoyland
Bertie (fop) - Debbie Lock
Freddy (fop) - Fiona Merrick
Duc de Montmartre - Dave Headey
Perier (guard) - Joseph Armer
Charles (guard) - Leo Thrower
Claudette - Chloe Wright
Henri - Dominic Allum
Louis (servant) - Henry Marlow
Alexandre (servant) - Charlie Broughton
Page - Jake Nicholls
Madame Defarge - Carole Tappenden
Villagers - Ben Gee; Leo McGurk; Caitlin Nicholls; Sam Tate
Waitresses - Kayleigh Booth; Loren Nicholls; Helen Tate
Stallholders - Courtney Diliberto; Katie Goodwin; Emma Riddle
Street entertainers - Ben Gee; Leo McGurk; Leo Thrower; Caitlin Nicholls
Statues - Ben Gee; Caitlin Nicholls
Orchestra - Richard Lock; Martin Waymark; Max Waymark; Stephanie Gammon; Debra Warner

See programme for further details.

Production No.175 (6 shows were performed over 4 days)