Stepping Out

A comedy by Richard Harris
Thursday 7 November 1991 - Saturday 9 November 1991
Faringdon Community Theatre, The Pump House, 5 Market Place, Faringdon
Directed by Brenda Keith-Walker

Performances start 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier.
Tickets were available from Faringdon Travel, 11 Market Place, Faringdon.

Stepping Out 1991 02Stepping Out 1991 01

The action of the play takes place at a tap dancing class in a church hall in north London.

The play concerns eight individuals from disparate backgrounds and with differing motivations who attend the same weekly tap dancing class in a dingy North London church hall. Despite the students at first treating the classes as social occasions, and showing little co-ordination, they later develop a level of skill and cohesiveness. The dance routines are the background for the focus of the play, the relationship and interaction of different people.

Stepping Out 1991 03

Debbie Lock; Ruth Willett; Jo Webster

Stepping Out 1991 04

Back: Mary Green; Debbie Lock; Peter Webster; Deirdre Hamley; Carole Tappenden; Jo Webster. Front: Carolyn Taylor; Ruth Willett; Joan Lee; Jemima Headey

Photographs by kind permission of Ian Smith (founder of the ‘Faringdon Folly’ newspaper)

Cast (in order of appearance):

Mavis - Carolyn Taylor
Mrs Fraser - Deirdre Hamley
Lynne - Jemima Headey
Dorothy - Joan Lee
Maxine - Carole Tappenden
Andy - Mary Green
Geoffrey - Peter Webster
Vera - Jo Webster
Sylvia - Debbie Lock
Rose - Ruth Willett
Voice - Nigel Keith-Walker
Pianist - Debra Warner

See programme for further details.

Production No.106 (3 shows were performed over 3 days).