A comedy by Ben Travers, Clive Francis
November 1968
The Little Theatre, Old Royal Marines Camp, Butts Close, Faringdon
Directed by Evelyn Stoodley

Sir Hector Benbow has taken a fancy to Cherry, a pretty shop assistant, and he has invited her to dine. When he gets home, he finds not only Cherry, but also Mrs Frush and her son Lionel, to whom he has rented Thark, his niece Kitty’s house in Norfolk. Mrs Frush is complaining that Thark is haunted, but before Sir Hector can deal with this complaint, his wife descends on him. It seems a good idea to distract her attention from Cherry by suggesting that they all go to Thark. Thark lives up to its spine chilling reputation, while a wild night, a sinister butler and a plethora of romantic mix-ups all add to the liveliness of the proceedings. Period 1927.

thark-1968-1 thark-1968-2thark-1968-3thark-1968-7thark-1968-6thark-1968-5

Cast (in order of appearance):

Hook - George Young
Warner - Deirdre van Tinteren
Cherry Buck - Peggy Stocks
Lionel Frush - Duncan McIntosh
Mrs Frush - Kathleen Hill
Sir Hector Benbow - Sam Heath
Ronald Gamble - Ken Duringer
Lady Benbow - Eileen Heath
Kitty Stratton - Penny Duringer
Jones - Ted Tolman
Whittle - John Fox-Russell

Production No.54 (number of shows performed unknown)