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ScrubsScrubs PigeonDue to the current health crisis, all future planned productions have been postponed until further notice. Meetings are continuing via video conferencing wherever possible.

As they have no plays to make costumes for, our wardrobe department have joined a whole group of volunteers who are keeping themselves busy by making scrubs and masks for our local health centre. One doctor specifically asked for one with a pink pigeon.

Every Friday we are having a virtual night down the pub for a chat and usually a quiz. Bring your own drinks! Check fb or email for details.

Quiz of the week!

Lockdown Week 8 (11/05/2020) Lockdown Week 9 (18/05/2020)
Jack Beanstalk 2013 Cow1. Which panto was this made for?
Too easy?
OK then, whose head went in it?
Royal Marine Camp1. Where was “The Little Theatre”?
Outside Edge 2008 Cake2. Where did we eat this cake?
(I was there but never even saw it!)
ghost-train-1949-photo2. Founder members of FDS moving scenery for their very first play. What has that got to do with a BBC comedy-sitcom?
peter-panto-2008-863. Who is that crocodile? tons-of-money-1971-23. Who is that person shown on the right?
Lockdown Week 10 (25/05/2020) Lockdown Week 11 (01/06/2020)
basinful-of-the-briny-1972-photo1. This was the last play to be performed in the Little Theatre. How much did the adult ticket cost?  
Blood Brothers 1997 12. The producer, Kate Lord quoted an old Buddhist tenet about this play. What was it?  
Aladdin 2020 Poster3. What was the damming criticism in the NODA report for this play that disqualified it for the panto award?