Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are by no means comprehensive. They have been minimally extracted from the extensive documents advertised by other theatres and therefore may be considered as ‘normal practice’ within the entertainment industry. As an amateur organisation we will try to deal with any problems as sympathetically as possible to ensure that you enjoy our productions and will want to come back and see us again.


  1. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether a performance has been cancelled or re-scheduled and the date and time of any re-scheduled performance. Where a performance is cancelled or re-scheduled, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you via our website and by using the details you provided us with at the time of ordering. We do not guarantee that you will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the performance.
  2. It is your responsibility to inform us of any change to the contact address, telephone number or email address you provide us with at the time of ordering.


  1. If you are unable to attend the performance through no fault of ours, we can offer a full refund, minus any added e-banking transfer charges or change your ticket for another performance of the same production, subject to availability. In order to obtain an exchange or refund you must contact us at least 36 hours before the performance.
  2. Ticket(s) cannot be refunded on the same day of or after the performance unless the performance is cancelled or rescheduled, subject to clause (iv) below.
  3. Where a performance is cancelled or rescheduled due to circumstances beyond our control, you will be entitled to claim a refund from us in accordance with clause (iv) below.
  4. Where such a refund is sought due to cancellation or rescheduling of the performance, you must bring this to our attention as soon as possible upon becoming aware of such cancellation or where the performance has been rescheduled, prior to the rescheduled performance. The refund for Ticket(s) equals the price paid by you to us for such Ticket, including where applicable the per Ticket booking fee or added e-banking transfer charge.
  5. Refunds shall only be made to the person who purchased the Tickets and, when possible, be made using the same method as was used to purchase the Tickets.
  6. Personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to attendance at a performance which have been arranged by you are at your own risk and can receive no compensation in the event of a failure to attend, cancellation or rescheduling of a performance.


  1. The use of equipment for recording or transmitting (by digital or other means) any audio, visual or audio-visual material is strictly forbidden.
  2. By attending a performance, Ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording of themselves as members of the audience and to the possibility of such appearing on our website or in the local press.
  3. Mobile telephones and messaging equipment must be switched off during the performance.


  1. Sales of alcohol are made subject to the Licensing Act 2003 for theatres in England and Wales and any specific conditions stipulated on the premises license.
  2. If, in the opinion of our theatre staff, you appear under the age of 25, you will be asked to prove your age by providing photo identification such as a passport, drivers licence, card bearing the PASS hologram or military identification card.
  3. We reserves the right to refuse any sale of alcohol.

Faringdon Dramatic Society FDS is an amateur theatre group and a non-profit organisation. All money received from membership fees, ticket and bar sales, and the occasional donation is used to cover the running costs of our productions. The greatest expenditure is for venue hire for both rehearsals and performances, copyright licensing, and insurance. Other expenses include staging, lighting, costumes, publicity, and props.