FDS - Beauty and the Beast poster

Beauty and the Beast

A pantomime by Carolyn Taylor
30/31 January & 6/7 February 2009
Faringdon Junior School, 26 Gloucester Street, Faringdon SN7 7HY
Directed by Carolyn Taylor

2.30pm Saturday Matinée, 7.30pm Evenings. Doors open 30 minutes earlier
Tickets: Adult £7. Concessions £5
Tickets available from The Nut Tree, 2 Cornmarket, Faringdon.

The magic of the Teller of Tales brings us the story of Beauty (Belle) and her impoverished family and The Beast. They are held captive in his palace and garden, with a motley collection of Nursery Rhyme characters, by the spell of the evil Taletwister. A stolen rose brings them together, but can the Teller of Tales bring their story to a happy ending, or will the Taletwister destroy their hopes of living “Happily ever after” and, incidentally, manage to steal all the nursery rhymes from little children for ever? Well it’s a panto, so surely good must triumph in the end…….mustn’t it?

More info? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beauty_and_the_Beast

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Photographs by Ian Lee