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Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders

A comedy by Derek Webb
Thursday 10 November 2016 - Saturday 12 November 2016
Faringdon Junior School, 26 Gloucester Street, Faringdon SN7 7HY
Directed by Helen Thrower
Producer: Jayne Hoyland

Performances start 7:45 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier. Food will be served on arrival.
Tickets: £10. No concessions. Includes a ploughman’s supper. Tickets were available from our Online Box Office and Hare in The Woods, 7a Market Place, Faringdon.
As food has to be ordered in advance, tickets if still available on the door (£8) will NOT include food..

“Agatha Crusty” (pronounced Croosty) is a crime novelist. She’s also pretty adept at solving crimes. And when her sister-in-law Alice invites her to spend a few days with her in the village of Chortelby, it’s not long before she gets caught up in a series of murders which seem directed at members of the All Saints Village Hall committee.

From Toby, the Vicar, and Eleanor, Chair of the committee, to Harry Knott the caretaker and identical twins Olivia and Oliver Truscott-Pratt, there are plenty of suspects. And with an investigating officer as incompetent as D.I.Twigg, there are plenty of laughs as the murders begin to pile up.



Cast (in order of appearance):

Harry - Gary Field
Agatha - Carolyn Taylor
Alice - Joan Lee
Olivia / Oliver - Jake Hobbs
Eleanor - Debbie Lock
Inspector Twigg - Helen Harding
Maisie - Jeni Summerfield
Toby - Adrian Wells
PC Locket - Richard Lock
Isabella - Verity Roberts
Mandy - Ellie Hickmore

See programme for further details.

Production No.184 (3 shows were performed over 3 days)

This amateur production was presented by arrangement with New Theatre Publications.