FDS - Babes in the Wood poster

Babes in the Wood

A pantomime by Peter Webster
Friday 25 January 2002 - Saturday 26 January 2002
& Friday 1 February 2002 - Saturday 2 February 2002
Faringdon Community College, Fernham Road, Faringdon SN7 7LB
Directed by Jo Webster / Simon Wisbey
Musical Director: Debra Warner

Performances start 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier. Each performance lasts approximately 2½ hours. MatinĂ©es on Saturdays only.
Tickets: £6. Concessions £4. Tickets were available from Reflections, 8 Marlborough Street, Faringdon.

The King and Queen have to make a tour of their royal realm and make the mistake of leaving both their kingdom and the Prince and Princess in the hands of the scheming Count. Their day-to-day care is left with their nurse, Mrs Custard-Pigh and the children’s fairy godmother. Robin of Locksley steps in to warn the King and Queen that the Count is plotting against them, but is banished for his pains.

No sooner have the King and Queen left on their travels, than the Count puts his plans into action by hiring two villains, Messrs Rough and Ready, neither of whom would be a success on Master Mind. Their plans are overheard by Marian, the maid, who with Mrs Custard-Pigh escapes with the children into the forest.

To read more or purchase the script visit the PetePanto.co.uk website.

This version of Babes in the Wood was originally performed by FDS in 1992.

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Photographs taken by Joan Lee

Cast (in order of appearance):

Minstrel - Richard Lock
Queen - Karen Whiffen
King - Roger Leitch
Mrs Custard-Pigh - Kate Lord
Prince - Joe Yon
Princess - Emily Downes
Count Effete - Dave Headey
Fairy Godmother - Jeni Summerfield
Robin of Locksley - Karen Price
Marion - Hannah Logan
Mr Rough - Nick Coard
Mr Ready - Paul Mountford-Lister
Witch - Sarah Varnom
Dog - Gail Vallis
Little John - Oliver Wells
Friar Tuck - Eleanor Morton
Will Scarlett - Matthew Cockcroft
Herald - George Morton
Spokesman - Jamie Rogers
1st Guard - Harry Naylor
2nd Guard - Jim Duffen
Bat - Roxanne Champion
Beetle - Thomas Burls
Snake - Michaela Williams
Goodbye Girls - Lauren Bates; Charlotte Burls; Pippa Garrard; Elizabeth Hunt; Jennifer Morgan; Hannah Smith; Miriam Wells; Rebekah Wisbey
Marchers - Isla Mundell-Perkins; Alex Oliver; Emma Owen; Kayleigh Pill; Lily Smith; Clare Sollis; Fiona Whittle; Hannah Wisbey
Outlaws - Ashley Bates; Joe Benson; Melissa Blair; Ben Cartwright; Gabrielle Cartwright; Amy Gibbons; Philippa Hunt; Grace Logan; Maddy Mason; Amelia Naylor
Courtiers - Ben Anderson; Hannah Billson; James Green; Bethany Jones; Elisha Williams; Rosie Woods
Skeletons - Becky Allen; Grace Anderson; Hayley Drawbridge; Kelly Gardiner; Kendra Grey; Charlotte Lock; Rebecca Lock; Tara Whenray
Orchestra - Debra Warner; Luke Gerry; Richard Lock; James Green; Kathryn Whiffen; Catherine Walden; Zoe Barker; Alison Jerome; Rebecca Whiffen

See programme for further details.

Production No.138 (6 shows were performed over 4 days)