Book of the Month

A comedy by Basil Thomas
Wednesday 11 October 1961 - Saturday 14 October 1961
The Little Theatre, Old Royal Marines Camp, Butts Close, Faringdon
Directed by Evelyn Stoodley

Tickets were available from Burtwell & Drew Ltd (electrical), 19 Coxwell Street, Faringdon.

The play is set in quiet Cheltenham, which is the home of the very respectable local MP. A crisis arises when their daughter announces the publication of her first novel ‘Bare Bosom’d Night’ which is set to become a best seller. But family, friends and neighbours suspect they can see themselves in the book!

The action of the play takes place in the lounge hall of Edward Halliday’s house, near Cheltenham.

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Cast (in order of appearance):

Edward Halliday M.P. - Sam Heath
Joanna (his wife) - Eileen Heath
Marcia Wentworth (her sister) - Joan Munday
Betty (Bim) Halliday (their daughter) - Judith Rawlings
Doris - Kathleen Daish
Col. Howard Barnes-Bradley - Ted Tolman
Dr. Ian Maclure - George Young
Nicholas Barnes-Bradley - Ken Duringer

See programme for further details.

Production No.35 (4 shows were performed over 4 days)