Family Album + Russian Salad

A selection by various writers
Friday 14 June 1963 - Saturday 15 June 1963
The Little Theatre, Old Royal Marines Camp, Butts Close, Faringdon
Directed by Evelyn Stoodley

Family Album

A one-act comedy by Noel Coward

The Featherways family are gathered together at their home in Kent. They have just returned from Papa’s funeral and a becoming melancholy broods over all. But under the influence of some excellent madeira, and old musical-box and a box of clothes they used to dress up in, the atmosphere mellows a little. Suddenly Lavinia, the dutiful elder daughter, says what is in everyone’s mind – that Papa was a blackguard and mean at that, and they are all glad that he is dead. Then she reveals that she and Burrows, the old butler, have burnt the will that would have disinherited them all. The curtain falls on a jubilant family dancing hand in hand round Burrows. Period 1860.

family-album-1963-2 family-album-1963-1

Cast (in order of appearance):

Jasper Featherways – Sam Heath
Jane – Eileen Heath
Lavinia Featherways – Kathleen Hill
Richard Featherways – John Lott
Harriet Winter – Eileen Drew
Charles Winter – Cyril Rudge
Emily Valance – Imogen Bromley
Edward Valance – Ken Duringer
Burrows – George Young

Russian Salad

A one-act comedy by Philip Johnson

An MP’s wife is desperately craving a bit of excitement which arrives in the guise of a vacuum cleaner salesman who is not what it seems. A couple of colourful Russian crooks and a gun appearing through a window makes this a dream of a play.


Cast (in order of appearance):

George – Ted Tolman
Jane – Edith Stevens
Bennett – Susan Hill
The Man – George Young
The Red Ruin – Nancy Reeves
Snitz the Terrible – William Reeves

Production No.40 (2 shows were performed over 2 days)