The Happiest Days of Your Life

A farce by John Dighton
March 1952
Faringdon Corn Exchange, Corn Market, Faringdon SN7 7JA
Directed by Bill Carter

Tickets were available from White Bros (hairdressers), 7 Cornmarket, Faringdon.

happiest-days-of-your-life-1952-5The action of the play passes in the Masters’ Common Room at Hilary Hall School for Boys in Hampshire.

Set after World War II, this delightful farce is about what happens when a boys’ school receives the news that they are to billet another school which is all female. Events are complicated by the arrival of the parents. Each headmaster/mistress tries to conceal the fact that his/her school is now coed. Eventually, the parents learn the truth and are about to remove their children when news arrives that a third school is to be amalgamated into theirs. They all join together to keep out these intruders. This delightful, whimsical show is about the breaking down of barriers between the sexes.

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Cast (in order of appearance):

DICK TASSELL (Assistant Master Hilary Hall) - Rees Dee
RAINBOW (School Porter) - Ron Venn
RUPERT BILLINGS (Senior Master Hilary Hall) - George Young
GODFREY POND (Headmaster Hilary Hall) - William Reeves
MISS WHITCHURCH (Senior Mistress St. Swithins Girls' School) - Margaret Bolton
MISS GOSSAGE (Senior Mistress St. Swithins) - Nancy Reeves
HOPCROFT MINOR (Pupil at Hilary Hall) - Andrew Symonds
BARBARA CAHOUN (Pupil at St. Swithins) - Susan Gaule
JOYCE HARPER (Asst. Mistress St. Swithins School) - Kathleen Allanson
REV. EDWARD PECK - William Perkins
MRS PECK - Gaynor Williams
EDGAR SOWTER - Arthur Probert
MRS SOWTER - Pat Purcell

See programme for further details.

Production No.8 (number of shows performed unknown)