Love in a Mist

A comedy by Kenneth Horne
Wednesday 19 November 1958 - Saturday 22 November 1958
The Little Theatre, Old Royal Marines Camp, Butts Close, Faringdon
Directed by Nancy Reeves

Love in a Mist, centres around two separate couples who take refuge in a bungalow from the fog on Exmoor. One couple continues their honeymoon, while the other fall in love.

On the first day of their honeymoon, Nigel and Pat are held up by fog on Exmoor and take refuge in the Evans’s bungalow. Before long, Howard and Rose, also stranded by the fog, arrive asking for shelter Rose confides to Pat that she is not married, and that she is already regretting the impulse which led her to go away with Howard. With Pat’s help, she manages to avoid being alone with him during the next two days. The joke is that Howard is just as nervous. Far from being libertine, he only embarked on this affair, because he felt that, being a novelist, he should have experience of illicit love. By now, he is truly in love with Rose. When the fog lifts, they depart happily engaged, while Nigel and Pat begin their deferred honeymoon.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Mrs Evans - Kathleen Daish
Nigel - Denison James
Pat - Eileen Heath
Mr Evans - William Reeves
Howard - Sam Heath
Rose - Eileen Drew

Production No.26 (4 shows were performed over 4 days)