Madam Tic-Tac

A drama by Falkland L. Cary & Phillip Weathers
Wednesday 18 February 1959 - Saturday 21 February 1959
The Little Theatre, Old Royal Marines Camp, Butts Close, Faringdon
Directed by Bill Carter

Madam Tic-Tac, so called because she is blind and deaf and can only receive communications by the hand language, runs a den of thieves in a cafe off the Edgeware Road. So far she has always managed to keep her own son Luke, and the girl, Beth, who is her eyes and ears, out of the nefarious side of her activities. Unfortunately in one of the gang’s raids a nightwatchman is murdered. Rudge, the taxi-driver, who was in the raid, becomes scared and plans to turn King’s evidence; but Clem, the man who actually killed the watchman, learns of this and takes steps to silence him; and to secure his own alibi he implicates Luke. When Madam Tic-Tac realizes what is happening she has no hesitation in destroying Clem’s alibi and handing him over to the police, though in doing so she is herself killed by him.


Cast (in order of appearance):

Beth - Mimi Pawley
Hobby - Arthur Probert
Rudge - Ron Venn
Marguerite - Sandra Harding
Luke - John Lott
Mrs Parsons - Hilda Whalley
Madam Tic-Tac - Kathleen Daish
Chloe - Kathleen Hill
Detective Sgt Harris - Bill Scott
Clem - Ted Tolman
Kate - Kathleen Burtwell

Production No.27 (4 shows were performed over 4 days)