Quiet Weekend

A comedy by Esther McCracken
Thursday 30 March 1950 - Friday 31 March 1950
Faringdon Corn Exchange, Corn Market, Faringdon SN7 7JA
Directed by Bill Carter & Rees Dee

Performances start 7:30 pm.

Quiet Weekend is a 1941 play by the British writer Esther McCracken. It was a sequel to the 1938 play Quiet Wedding. In 1946 it was turned into a film.

A family try to relax during a weekend holiday in the country but are constantly irritated by the unpleasant friend of their eldest son. Two of the children are having emotional troubles and have descended on mother and father for comfort: Marcia is quarrelling with her husband Jim; Denys is enamoured of glamorous Rowena Marriot and has no time for the other guest at the cottage, Miranda, who is embarrassingly devoted to him. Desperately trying to keep the peace, Arthur tries to snatch a few moments for his fishing – only to become involved in a salmon-poaching episode. By Sunday, things are almost straightened out, but the approach of the Vicar with his subscription book precipitates a general flight.

quiet-weekend-1950-1 quiet-weekend-1950-2

Cast (in order of appearance):

Sam Pecker - Arthur Probert
Mary Jarrow - Joan Perkins
Sally Spender - Vera Reid
Mildred Royd - Margaret Bolton
Arthur Royd - William Reeves
Bella Hitchins - Kathleen Holifield
Marcia Brent - Kathleen Allanson
Miranda Bute - Margaret Lind
Denys Royd - Rees Dee
Adrian Barasford - William Perkins
Jim Brent - Tom Bartlett
Ella Spender - Nancy Reeves
Rowena Marriot - Margaret Carter

See programme for further details.

Production No.3 (2 shows were performed over 2 days)