Sinbad the Sailor

A pantomime by Pauline Stuart
Thursday 28 January 1993 - Saturday 30 January 1993
& Thursday 4 February 1993 - Saturday 6 February 1993
Faringdon Community Theatre, The Pump House, 5 Market Place, Faringdon
Directed by Dave Headey & Joan Lee
Musical Director: Debra Warner

Performances start 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier.
Tickets were available from Faringdon Travel, 11 Market Place, Faringdon.

Sinbad The Sailor 1993 3The traditional story told with the inclusion of local and topical material, songs and musical numbers.

Scene 1: Outside the Caliph’s Palace in Baghdad.
Scene 2: On board the Crested Dolphin ten days later.
Scene 1: The Slave Market in Samarkand.
Scene 2: The Diamond Valley.
Entr’acte: Escape from Black Abdullah.
Scene 1: The Caliph’s Palace.
Scene 2: Elephant Land.
scene s: The Caliph’s Palate.

Sinbad The Sailor 1993 1

Peter Webster; Mike Durham and some sailors

Sinbad The Sailor 1993 5

Lucy Walden & Debbie Lock

Sinbad The Sailor 1993 6

Mike Durham & Beryl Rees

Sinbad The Sailor 1993 2

Letty Gillies; Lisa Mayall; Lucy Walden; Claire Green; Karen Pugh

Photographs by kind permission of Ian Smith (founder of the ‘Faringdon Folly’ newspaper)

Cast (in order of appearance):

SINBAD - Lucy Walden
PRINCE HASSAN - Alistair Warner
SALUBRIA Sinbad's mother - Beryl Rees
MUSTAPHA SEQUIN a merchant - Peter Webster
SELINA his daughter - Debbie Lock
CAPTAIN of the Crested Dolphin - Mike Durham
THE OLD MAN OF THE SEA - Walther Schoonenberg
THE PERI OF THE RING - Jeni Summerfield
BABA-0-RUM a pirate - Carole Tappenden
BLACK ABDULLAH a magician - Alan Taylor
ALIBAD one of two villains - Jo Webster
ALIWORSE one of two villains - Carolyn Taylor
CHAMBERLAIN - Clare Rackham
ATTENDANT with gong - Julian Probert
OFFlCIAL in slave market - Louise Butler
BABY ELEPHANT - Philip Hurst
Townspeople / Pirates - Hayley Benton; Hannah Carthy; Emily Church; Letty Gillies; Alison Harte; Sally Heasman; Sammie Hunt; Sarah Long; Aimee Mayall; Sarah McDougall; Fay Mercer; Lee Mercer; Karen Pugh; Clare Rackham; Caroline Ryde; Matthew Summerfield; Michelle Youngs
Sailors / Courtiers - Louise Benton; Louise Butler; Alison Carter; Alice Eddy; Heather Gillies; Claire Green; Clare Holland; Paul Summerfield; Kirk Holland; Philip Hurst; Lisa Mayall; Lisa Moore; Julian Probert; Kirsty Ward; Alice Watts
Spirits of the Forest - Hayley Benton; Alison Harte; Sammie Hunt; Sarah Long; Lisa Mayall; Karen Pugh; Kirsty Ward
Orchestra - Debra Warner; Joyce Carter; Frances Starr; Rebecca Tarr

See programme for further details.

Production No.111 (6 shows were performed over 6 days)