Lark Rise

A drama by Keith Dewhurst
Thursday 7 May 1998 - Saturday 9 May 1998
Faringdon Corn Exchange, Corn Market, Faringdon SN7 7JA
Directed by Dave Headey & Carolyn Taylor

Performances start 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes earlier.
Tickets were available from Reflections, 8 Marlborough Street, Faringdon.

Lark Rise 1998 01The play ‘Lark Rise’ is based on the book by Flora Thompson. The action takes place in and around the hamlet of Lark Rise in the late 1880s. It is the first day of the harvest. The scenes in Act I are set in the Timms family cottage, the gardens of neighbouring cottages, on the village green, and in fields around the village. In Act 2 there are also scenes on the way to the “big house”, in the village pub, and in the church. The final scene is thirty years later.

Flora Thompson was born in 1876 and spent her early childhood in the hamlet of Juniper Hill, near Bicester. Her book “Lark Rise” is an account of the life she remembered; the only names she changed were her own (Flora became Laura) and her brother’s (Edwin became Edmund). The dialogue and many of the scenes in the play, although they did not take place on a single day, are taken straight from the book.

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Lark Rise 1998 05

Karen Whiffen; Lois Wells; Tom Woolman

Lark Rise 1998 04

Tom Woolman; Lois Wells; Karen Whiffen

Lark Rise 1998 03

Dave Headey; Tom Woolman; Lois Wells; Karen Whiffen

Lark Rise 1998 09

?; David Campbell; Roger Leitch; Adrian Wells

Lark Rise 1998 07

Peter Webster; Roger Leitch; David Campbell; Dave Headey;

Lark Rise 1998 06

Joan Lee; Lois Wells

Lark Rise 1998 08

Kathryn Whiffen; Rebecca Lock; Karen Whiffen


Adrian Wells; Ashley Bates; Joan Lee; Rebecca Lock; Karen Whiffen; Walther & Irene Schoonenberg


Ashley Bates; Rebecca Whiffen; Tom Woolman; Rebecca Lock; Kathryn Whiffen; Claire Green


Adrian Wells; Dave Campbell; Roger Leitch; Richard Lock; Ken Brown; Clive Gilson

Photographs by kind permission of Ian Smith (founder of the ‘Faringdon Folly’ newspaper)

Cast (in order of appearance):

Laura Timms - Kathryn Whiffen
Edmund Timms - Tom Woolman
Albert Timms - Paul Garratt
Emma Timms - Lois Wells
Bishie - Richard Lock
Boamer / Cheapjack - Clive Gilson
Old David / Twister - Roger Leitch
Pumpkin / Sharman / Jerry Parish - Adrian Wells
Old Price (Postie) - Ken Brown
Fisher - Gabriel Vogt
Mr Morris (Landlord) - Peter Webster
Cockie (Grandfather) - Dave Headey
Old Stut (Tramp) - David Campbell
Mrs Spicer - Joyce Harrison
Mrs Blaby - Theresa Moon
Mrs Peverill - Grace Berry
Old Sally - Maggie Sly
Dick - Tim Gerry
Doctor / Squire / Algy - Simon Wisbey
Carrier - Walther Schoonenberg
Queenie - Joan Lee
Martha Beamish - Rebecca Lock
Mrs Beamish - Karen Whiffen
John Price - Gary Thompson
Mrs Andrews - Jill Headey
Children - Ashley Bates; Charlotte Lock; Rebecca Whiffen
Garibaldi Jacket - Sarah Varnom
Mrs Miller - Debbie Lock
Polly - Claire Green
Barmaids - Debbie Lock; Carolyn Taylor
Chad Gubbins / Caller - Anthony Collett
Rector - Robert Jennings

See programme for further details.

Production No.127 (3 shows were performed over 3 days)