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Autobiographical drama: Cider With Rosie 2017 by James Roose-Evans, Laurie Lee
Total: 1
Celebration: Variety 1954 by Peter Lilley
Celebration: A Jubilee Pageant 1977 by Evelyn Stoodley
Celebration: Old Tyme Music Hall 1995 by Roger Leitch
Celebration: Old Time Music Hall 2000 by Carolyn Taylor & Debbie Lock
Celebration: Best of British 2012 by Carolyn Taylor & Debbie Lock
Celebration: Reflections WW1 2014 by various writers
Celebration: Faringdon Town Nativity 2017 by Steve Bellamy
Celebration: Faringdon Follies 2018 by Carolyn Taylor & Debbie Lock *
Total: 8
Comedy: Busman’s Honeymoon 1949 by Dorothy L.Sayers & M.St.Clare Byrne
Comedy: A Quiet Weekend 1950 by Esther McCracken
Comedy: When We Are Married 1951 by J.B. Priestley
Comedy: The Chiltern Hundreds 1951 by William Douglas-Home
Comedy: Beggar My Neighbour 1953 by Arnold Ridley
Comedy: A Lady Mislaid 1954 by Kenneth Horne
Comedy: And This Was Odd 1956 by Kenneth Horne
Comedy: Haul for the Shore 1957 by Jean McConnell
Comedy: Blithe Spirit 1957 by Noel Coward
Comedy: Queen Elizabeth Slept Here 1958 by Talbot Rothwell
Comedy: Love in a Mist 1958 by Kenneth Horne
Comedy: Sailor Beware 1959 by Philip King & Falkland Cary
Comedy: The Blue Goose 1960 by Peter Blackmore
Comedy: Beside The Seaside 1960 by Leslie Sands
Comedy: Breath of Spring 1960 by Peter Coke
Comedy: When We Are Married 1963 by J.B. Priestley
Comedy: Man Alive 1963 by John Dighton
Comedy: Brush With A Body 1964 by Maurice McLoughlin
Comedy: Running Riot 1964 by Derek Benfield
Comedy: The Geese are Getting Fat 1965 by Arthur Watkyn
Comedy: Rock-a-Bye Sailor 1966 by Philip King & Falkland Cary
Comedy: The Importance of Being Earnest 1966 by Oscar Wilde
Comedy: Thark 1968 by Ben Travers, Clive Francis
Comedy: Pools Paradise 1969 by Philip King
Comedy: Blithe Spirit 1969 by Noel Coward
Comedy: I’ll Get My Man 1970 by Philip King
Comedy: Tons of Money 1971 by Alan Ayckbourn, Will Evans, Arthur Valentine
Comedy: The Bride and the Bachelor 1971 by Ronald Millar
Comedy: A Basinful of the Briny 1972 by Leslie Sands
Comedy: Beside The Seaside 1974 by Leslie Sands
Comedy: Doctor in the House 1979 by Ted Willis
Comedy: Busybody 1982 by Jack Popplewell
Comedy: Breath of Spring 1983 by Peter Coke
Comedy: Fool’s Paradise 1983 by Peter Coke
Comedy: Brush with a Body 1987 by Maurice McLoughlin
Comedy: Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime 1989 by Constance Cox
Comedy: Ten Times Table 1990 by Alan Ayckbourn
Comedy: Move Over Mrs Markham 1991 by John Chapman & Ray Cooney
Comedy: Stepping Out 1991 by Richard Harris
Comedy: The Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery 1992 by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr
Comedy: Blithe Spirit 1993 by Noel Coward
Comedy: Time of My Life 1996 by Alan Ayckbourn
Comedy: Habeas Corpus 1998 by Alan Bennett
Comedy: Hell and High Water 2000 by Leonard Morley
Comedy: Daisy Pulls It Off 2001 by Denise Deegan
Comedy: Much Ado About Nothing 2003 by William Shakespeare
Comedy: Arsenic and Old Lace 2004 by Joseph Kesslering
Comedy: The Cherry Orchard 2006 by Anton Chekhov, Stephen Mulrine
Comedy: Noises Off 2006 by Michael Frayn
Comedy: The Importance of Being Earnest 2007 by Oscar Wilde
Comedy: I Thought I Heard A Rustling 2009 by Alan Plater
Comedy: Heroes 2010 by Gérald Sibleyras *
Comedy: The Odd Couple 2011 by Neil Simon
Comedy: Present Laughter 2012 by Noel Coward
Comedy: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2013 by William Shakespeare
Comedy: Wife After Death 2013 by Eric Chappell *
Comedy: Living Together 2015 by Alan Ayckbourn
Comedy: Side Effects 2016 by Eric Chappell
Comedy: Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders 2016 by Derek Webb
Comedy: My Friend Miss Flint 2017 by Donald Churchill & Peter Yeldham
Comedy: Last Tango In Little Grimley 2018 by David Tristram
Comedy: The Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery 2018 by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr
Comedy: Airport Tales 2019 by Carol Libman
Comedy: Shakers 2019 by John Godber & Jane Thornton *
Comedy: Ladies’ Day 2021 by Amanda Whittington
Total: 65
Comedy drama: The Late Christopher Bean 1953 by Emlyn Williams
Comedy drama: As Long As They’re Happy 1955 by Vernon Sylvaine
Comedy drama: Mystery at Greenfingers 1956 by J.B. Priestley
Comedy drama: Miranda 1956 by Peter Blackmore
Comedy drama: Local Affairs 1987 by Richard Harris
Comedy drama: Outside Edge 1988 by Richard Harris
Comedy drama: Educating Rita 2005 by Willy Russell
Comedy drama: Outside Edge 2008 by Richard Harris
Comedy drama: Steel Magnolias 2014 by Robert Harling
Comedy drama: Office Hours 2015 by Norm Foster
Total: 10
Comedy thriller: The Ghost Train 1949 by Arnold Ridley
Comedy thriller: Time Murderer Please 1981 by Charles Raymond Dyer
Comedy thriller: A Tomb with a View 1986 by Norman Robbins
Total: 3
Crime thriller: The Shop at Sly Corner 1955 by Edward Percy
Crime thriller: A Murder Has Been Arranged 1979 by Emlyn Williams
Total: 2
Drama: Who Lies There 1951 by Philip Johnson
Drama: Night Was Our Friend 1955 by Michael Pertwee
Drama: Night Must Fall 1958 by Emlyn Williams
Drama: Madam Tic-Tac 1959 by Falkland L. Cary & Phillip Weathers
Drama: The Paragon + Book of the Month 1961 by Ronald and Michael Pertwee
Drama: The Lovebirds 1962 by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
Drama: An Inspector Calls 1964 by J.B. Priestley
Drama: The Winslow Boy 1967 by Terence Rattigan
Drama: Someone Waiting 1968 by Emlyn Williams
Drama: Dial ‘M’ for Murder 1969 by Frederick Knott
Drama: Dead on Nine 1971 by Jack Popplewell
Drama: Night Must Fall 1980 by Emlyn Williams
Drama: House by the Lake 1981 by Hugh Mills
Drama: Murder in Company 1984 by Philip King & John Boland
Drama: Portrait of Murder 1985 by Robert Bloomfield
Drama: Murder for the Asking 1989 by Derek Benfield
Drama: Time and the Conways 1990 by J.B. Priestley
Drama: Cold Comfort Farm 1994 by Paul Doust, Stella Gibbons
Drama: Witness for the Prosecution 1996 by Agatha Christie
Drama: Blood Brothers 1997 by Willy Russell
Drama: Lark Rise 1998 by Keith Dewhurst
Drama: Oh What A Lovely War 1999 by Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop
Drama: The Crucible 2001 by Arthur Miller *
Drama: Dancing at Lughnasa 2004 by Brian Friel *
Drama: Candleford 2008 by Keith Dewhurst
Drama: Our Town 2009 by Thornton Wilder
Drama: Cold Comfort Farm 2010 by Paul Doust, Stella Gibbons
Total: 27
Farce: The Happiest Days of Your Life 1952 by John Dighton
Farce: See How They Run 1954 by Philip King
Farce: A Play for Ronnie 1961 by Warren Chetham Strode
Farce: The Brides of March 1965 by John Chapman
Farce: Post Horn Gallop 1966 by Derek Benfield
Farce: Rookery Nook 1967 by Ben Travers
Farce: The Brides of March 1973 by John Chapman
Farce: Post Horn Gallop 1978 by Derek Benfield
Farce: The Brides of March 1980 by John Chapman
Farce: Rookery Nook 1982 by Ben Travers
Farce: Cat on the Fiddle 1984 by John Dole
Farce: Black Comedy 1993 by Peter Shaffer
Farce: Lend Me a Tenor 2007 by Ken Ludwig
Total: 13
Fringe production: So Long Leonard 2017 by Carolyn Taylor
Total: 1
Historical drama: Our Country’s Good 2019 by Timberlake Wertenbaker *
Total: 1
Melodrama: Nighthawks 2015 by Peter Webster *
Total: 1
Murder mystery: Murder on the Nile 1959 by Agatha Christie
Murder mystery: Murder at the Vicarage 1961 by Moie Charles & Barbara Toy
Total: 2
Musical: Oliver 1992 by Charles Dickens
Musical: Cabaret 2002 by John Kander, Fred Ebb & Joe Masteroff
Total: 2
Musical melodrama: The Murder of Maria Marten 1986 by Brian J Burton
Total: 1
Mystery drama: Distinguished Gathering 1950 by James Parish
Mystery drama: The Woman in White 1994 by Constance Cox
Total: 2
Pantomime: Babes in the Wood 1984 by Verne Morgan
Pantomime: Hearts are Trumps 1985 by Carole White
Pantomime: The Sleeping Beauty 1987 by David Cregan
Pantomime: Jack and the Beanstalk 1988 by John Crocker
Pantomime: Cinderella 1989 by David Wood
Pantomime: Aladdin 1990 by David Wood
Pantomime: The Wind in the Willows 1991 by John Morley
Pantomime: Babes in the Wood 1992 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: Sinbad the Sailor 1993 by Pauline Stuart
Pantomime: The Wizard of Oz 1994 by L. Frank Baum
Pantomime: Peter Panto 1995 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: Dick Turpin 1996 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: The Sleeping Beauty 1997 by John Morley
Pantomime: The Pied Piper 1998 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: Alice in Wonderland 1999 by Don Carroll *
Pantomime: Arthur’s Adventure 2000 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: Cinderella 2001 by Peter Webster *
Pantomime: Babes in the Wood 2002 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: The Wind in the Willows 2003 by Alan Bennett
Pantomime: How Clarence Earned His Wings 2004 by Nick Coard
Pantomime: Snow White 2005 by John Beeteson *
Pantomime: Dreamers 2006 by Roger Leitch
Pantomime: Pirates of the Faribbean 2007 by Nick Coard
Pantomime: Peter Panto 2008 by Peter Webster *
Pantomime: Beauty and the Beast 2009 by Carolyn Taylor
Pantomime: Aladdin 2010 by Ron Hall
Pantomime: Dick Whittington 2011 by Alan Frayn *
Pantomime: Cinderella 2012 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: Jack and the Beanstalk 2013 by Peter Webster *
Pantomime: The Scarlet Pumpernickel 2014 by Dave Buchanan *
Pantomime: The Snow Queen 2015 by Peter Webster *
Pantomime: Happily Ever After…? 2016 by Helen Thrower & Verity Roberts *
Pantomime: Arthur’s Adventure 2017 by Peter Webster *
Pantomime: Dick Whittington 2018 by Peter Webster
Pantomime: Wishing on a Star 2019 by Helen Thrower & Verity Roberts *
Pantomime: Aladdin 2020 by Peter Webster
Total: 36
Play: A Wagon Load O’ Monkeys 1953 by R.F.Delderfield
Play: Look Out for the Catch 1962 by unknown writer
Play: The Poltergeist 1965 by unknown writer
Total: 3
Romantic comedy: Pygmalion 1997 by Bernard Shaw
Total: 1
Selection: Paradise Enow + The Rose & Crown 1955 by unknown writers
Selection: Family Album + Russian Salad 1963 by various writers
Selection: A Triple Bill 1981 by various writers
Selection: Mystery Melody Mirth (Green For Danger / The Laboratory) 1982 by various writers
Selection: March Medley (The Madam / None The Wiser) 1985 by various writers
Selection: Three into One (Funeral Tea/Albert/Gosforth’s Fete) 1986 by various writers
Selection: A Menu of One Act Plays (Between Mouthfuls/Nasty Things, Murders/After Magritte) 1988 by various writers
Selection: A Christmas Variety Show 1988 by various writers
Selection: Visiting Hour 1995 by Richard Harris
Selection: Confusions 1999 by Alan Ayckbourn
Selection: Brush Up Your Shakespeare 2002 by William Shakespeare
Selection: Separate Tables 2003 by Terence Rattigan
Selection: Shakers + Knights in Plastic Armour 2004 by various writers *
Selection: Idle Chatter (Shoppers/ Cupboard Love/ Theatrical Digs/ Albert) 2005 by various writers *
Selection: London Suite 2011 by Neil Simon
Total: 15
Thriller: The Touch of Fear 1970 by Dorothy & Campbell Christie
Thriller: Something to Hide 1970 by Leslie Sands
Thriller: Something to Hide 1983 by Leslie Sands
Thriller: Time To Kill 1992 by Leslie Darbon
Total: 4

Total number of all productions to date: 198

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