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Production Award Photos Poster Programme NODA ODN Press
The Ghost Train 1949 Photos(1)Programme missingPress missing
Busman’s Honeymoon 1949 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
A Quiet Weekend 1950 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Distinguished Gathering 1950 Photos(3)Programme missingPress missing
When We Are Married 1951 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
The Chiltern Hundreds 1951 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Who Lies There 1951 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
The Happiest Days of Your Life 1952 Photos(8)ProgrammePress missing
A Wagon Load O’ Monkeys 1953 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Beggar My Neighbour 1953 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
The Late Christopher Bean 1953 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
Variety 1954 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
See How They Run 1954 Photos(2)ProgrammePress missing
A Lady Mislaid 1954 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
The Shop at Sly Corner 1955 Photos(2)ProgrammePress missing
Paradise Enow + The Rose & Crown 1955 Photos(6)Programme missingPress missing
As Long As They’re Happy 1955 Photos(6)ProgrammePress missing
Night Was Our Friend 1955 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Mystery at Greenfingers 1956 Photos(2)ProgrammePress missing
Miranda 1956 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
And This Was Odd 1956 Photos(2)ProgrammePress missing
Haul for the Shore 1957 Photos(2)ProgrammePress missing
Blithe Spirit 1957 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Night Must Fall 1958 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Queen Elizabeth Slept Here 1958 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Love in a Mist 1958 Photos missingProgramme missingPress missing
Madam Tic-Tac 1959 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Sailor Beware 1959 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
Murder on the Nile 1959 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
The Blue Goose 1960 Photos(2)Programme missingPress review
Beside The Seaside 1960 Photos(1)Programme missingPress review
Breath of Spring 1960 Photos(1)Programme missingPress review
A Play for Ronnie 1961 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
The Paragon + Book of the Month 1961 Photos(6)Programme missingPress missing
Murder at the Vicarage 1961 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
Look Out for the Catch 1962 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
The Lovebirds 1962 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
When We Are Married 1963 Photos(2)Programme missingPress review
Family Album + Russian Salad 1963 Photos(4)Programme missingPress missing
Man Alive 1963 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
An Inspector Calls 1964 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Brush With A Body 1964 Photos(6)Programme missingPress missing
Running Riot 1964 Photos(5)ProgrammePress missing
The Poltergeist 1965 Photos(3)Programme missingPress missing
The Brides of March 1965 Photos(4)Programme missingPress missing
The Geese are Getting Fat 1965 Photos(5)Programme missingPress missing
Rock-a-Bye Sailor 1966 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Post Horn Gallop 1966 Photos(1)Programme missingPress missing
The Importance of Being Earnest 1966 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
The Winslow Boy 1967 Photos(3)Programme missingPress missing
Rookery Nook 1967 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Someone Waiting 1968 Photos(1)Programme missingPress missing
Thark 1968 Photos(7)Programme missingPress missing
Pools Paradise 1969 Photos(3)Programme missingPress missing
Dial ‘M’ for Murder 1969 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
Blithe Spirit 1969 Photos(3)Programme missingPress missing
The Touch of Fear 1970 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
I’ll Get My Man 1970 Photos missingProgramme missingPress missing
Something to Hide 1970 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Tons of Money 1971 Photos(2)Programme missingPress missing
The Bride and the Bachelor 1971 Photos(1)Programme missingPress missing
Dead on Nine 1971 Photos(1)Programme missingPress missing
A Basinful of the Briny 1972 Photos(1)Programme missingPress review
The Brides of March 1973 Photos(1)No programmePress review
Beside The Seaside 1974 Photos missingProgramme missingPress missing
A Jubilee Pageant 1977 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Post Horn Gallop 1978 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
A Murder Has Been Arranged 1979 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
Doctor in the House 1979 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Night Must Fall 1980 Photos(1)ProgrammePress review
The Brides of March 1980 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
House by the Lake 1981 Photos(2)ProgrammePress missing
A Triple Bill 1981 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Time Murderer Please 1981 Photos(3)ProgrammePress missing
Rookery Nook 1982 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Busybody 1982 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Mystery Melody Mirth (Green For Danger / The Laboratory) 1982 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Breath of Spring 1983 Photos(4)ProgrammePress missing
Something to Hide 1983 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Fool’s Paradise 1983 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Babes in the Wood 1984 Photos missingProgrammePress review
Cat on the Fiddle 1984 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Murder in Company 1984 Photos(2)ProgrammePress missing
Hearts are Trumps 1985 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
March Medley (The Madam / None The Wiser) 1985 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Portrait of Murder 1985 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
A Tomb with a View 1986 Photos(1)ProgrammePress review
The Murder of Maria Marten 1986 Photos(1)ProgrammePress missing
Three into One (Funeral Tea/Albert/Gosforth’s Fete) 1986 Photos(1)ProgrammePress review
The Sleeping Beauty 1987 Photos(1)ProgrammePress review
Local Affairs 1987 Photos(1)ProgrammePress review
Brush with a Body 1987 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Jack and the Beanstalk 1988 Photos(2)ProgrammePress review
A Menu of One Act Plays (Between Mouthfuls/Nasty Things, Murders/After Magritte) 1988 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Outside Edge 1988 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
A Christmas Variety Show 1988 Photos missingProgrammePress missing
Cinderella 1989 Photos(4)ProgrammePress missing
Murder for the Asking 1989 Photos missingProgrammePress review
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime 1989 Photos missingProgrammePress review
Aladdin 1990 Photos(3)ProgrammePress review
Time and the Conways 1990 Photos missingProgrammePress review
Ten Times Table 1990 Photos(1)ProgrammePress review
The Wind in the Willows 1991 Photos(6)ProgrammePress review
Move Over Mrs Markham 1991 Photos(4)ProgrammePress review
Stepping Out 1991 Photos(4)ProgrammePress review
Babes in the Wood 1992 Photos(8)ProgrammePress review
The Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery 1992 Photos(3)ProgrammePress review
Oliver 1992 Photos(3)No programmePress review
Time To Kill 1992 Photos(2)ProgrammePress review
Sinbad the Sailor 1993 Photos(4)ProgrammePress review
Black Comedy 1993 Photos(4)ProgrammePress review
Blithe Spirit 1993 Photos(2)ProgrammePress review
The Wizard of Oz 1994 Photos(5)PosterProgrammePress review
Cold Comfort Farm 1994 Photos(3)ProgrammePress review
The Woman in White 1994 Photos(6)ProgrammePress review
Peter Panto 1995 Photos(6)ProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Old Tyme Music Hall 1995 Photos(2)ProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Visiting Hour 1995 Photos(7)ProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress review
Dick Turpin 1996 Photos(9)ProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Time of My Life 1996 Photos missingProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Witness for the Prosecution 1996 Photos missingProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
The Sleeping Beauty 1997 Photos(8)ProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Blood Brothers 1997 Photos(4)ProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Pygmalion 1997 Photos(6)ProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
The Pied Piper 1998 Photos(6)ProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Lark Rise 1998 Photos(11)ProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Habeas Corpus 1998 Photos(4)ProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Alice in Wonderland 1999starPhotos(9)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Confusions 1999 Photos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Oh What A Lovely War 1999 Photos(10)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Arthur’s Adventure 2000 Photos(7)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Old Time Music Hall 2000 Photos(4)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Hell and High Water 2000 Photos(4)PosterNo programmeNODA missingODN missingPress missing
Cinderella 2001starPhotos(10)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
The Crucible 2001starPhotos(2)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress review
Daisy Pulls It Off 2001 Photos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Babes in the Wood 2002 Photos(10)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress review
Brush Up Your Shakespeare 2002 Photos(12)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
Cabaret 2002 Photos(13)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
The Wind in the Willows 2003 Photos(11)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress missing
Much Ado About Nothing 2003 Photos(14)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Separate Tables 2003 Photos(1)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
How Clarence Earned His Wings 2004 Photos(13)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Arsenic and Old Lace 2004 Photos(5)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Shakers + Knights in Plastic Armour 2004starPhotos(3)PosterProgramme missingNODA missingODN missingPress missing
Dancing at Lughnasa 2004starPhotos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Snow White 2005starPhotos(7)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress missing
Idle Chatter (Shoppers/ Cupboard Love/ Theatrical Digs/ Albert) 2005starPhotos(4)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress missing
Educating Rita 2005 Photos(1)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Dreamers 2006 Photos(13)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
The Cherry Orchard 2006 Photos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress review
Noises Off 2006 Photos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Pirates of the Faribbean 2007 Photos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
The Importance of Being Earnest 2007 Photos(10)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Lend Me a Tenor 2007 Photos(7)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Peter Panto 2008starPhotos(13)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Outside Edge 2008 Photos(9)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress missing
Candleford 2008 Photos(12)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Beauty and the Beast 2009 Photos(10)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress missing
I Thought I Heard A Rustling 2009 Photos(2)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Our Town 2009 Photos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Aladdin 2010 Photos(10)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Cold Comfort Farm 2010 Photos(11)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Heroes 2010starPhotos(5)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Dick Whittington 2011starPhotos(9)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
The Odd Couple 2011 Photos(5)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
London Suite 2011 Photos missingPosterProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress review
Cinderella 2012 Photos(16)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Best of British 2012 Photos(5)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN reviewPress review
Present Laughter 2012 Photos(9)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Jack and the Beanstalk 2013starPhotos(10)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2013 Photos(14)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Wife After Death 2013starPhotos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
The Scarlet Pumpernickel 2014starPhotos(15)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Steel Magnolias 2014 Photos(9)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Reflections WW1 2014 Photos(13)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
The Snow Queen 2015starPhotos(15)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Office Hours 2015 Photos(5)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Nighthawks 2015starPhotos missingPosterNo programmeNODA missingODN missingPress missing
Living Together 2015 Photos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
Happily Ever After…? 2016starPhotos(14)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Side Effects 2016 Photos(2)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress review
Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders 2016 Photos(8)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Arthur’s Adventure 2017starPhotos(6)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
My Friend Miss Flint 2017 Photos(2)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
So Long Leonard 2017 Photos(7)PosterNo programmeNODA missingODN missingPress missing
Cider With Rosie 2017 Photos(16)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Faringdon Town Nativity 2017 Photos(8)PosterNo programmeNODA missingODN missingPress review
Dick Whittington 2018 Photos(12)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Faringdon Follies 2018starPhotos(8)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress review
Last Tango In Little Grimley 2018 Photos missingPosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress missing
The Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery 2018 Photos(15)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress missing
Wishing on a Star 2019starPhotos(15)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN reviewPress missing
Airport Tales 2019 Photos(9)PosterProgrammeNODA missingODN missingPress missing
Shakers 2019starPhotos(12)PosterNo programmeNODA missingODN missingPress missing
Our Country’s Good 2019starPhotos(15)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
Aladdin 2020 Photos(13)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
Ladies’ Day 2021 Photos(7)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
Confusions 2022 Photos(12)PosterProgrammeNODA reviewODN missingPress missing
Totals: 199 21 176 (912) 73 148 47 34 93

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